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Blogs/Websites to Visit

Kris is a language podcaster and blogger originally from Denmark, but now lives in the UK. Kris speaks 5+ languages to varying degrees, and is always looking to add more.

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Actual Fluency

Kris Broholm

#1 Language Learning Tip: "A little learning every day adds up, and is way more effective than cramming in big sessions every weekend."

photo of Luca Sadurny, founder of Mosalingua

MosaLingua is a website run by a team of language enthusiasts, always working to improve their language-learning apps. The website also contains a blog that provides a substantial amount of information and resources about learning languages.


#1 Language Learning Tip: "Learn vocabulary with a Spaced Repetition System

The bad news for language learners is that our memory is unreliable. Most of us only remember a small fraction of what we read, which means that memorizing vocabulary takes more than just one study session, no matter how intensely we cram. The good news is that, thanks to technology, there is a way to make sure you actually remember what you learn. It’s a tool called a Spaced Repetition System, or SRS. This tool prompts you to review what you learn right before you're about to forget it. Eventually, words make their way into your long-term memory. Once they’re there, you’re much less likely to forget them. This memorization technique is not only sustainable, but it also saves you a lot of time in the long run since you only study the vocabulary you are on the brink of forgetting."

LingQ offers a huge course library of diverse content, as well as a learning community. LingQ's co-founder and resident polyglot, Steve Kaufmann speaks 20 languages!

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#1 Language Learning Tip:  "Learn a new language using content you love."

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Featured Instagrams

Polyglots to follow

image of Kerstin Cable

Kerstin loves to learn languages and she does so much to help others learn too, including co-organizing the Women in Language conference. Her IG is full of inspiration and tips. Also check out her podcast and website!

Kerstin Cable

#1 Language Learning Tip: "Keep going. The single guaranteed way to fail at learning another language is to stop learning it. This doesn't mean you can't take breaks or go easy on yourself. Everything is learning, including speaking to strangers at a bar!"

image of Richard Simcott

Richard is a veteran language learner, speaking almost too many languages to count. He is experienced in teaching others about language-learning and also co-organizes the Polyglot Conference. Follow his IG for live chats, tips, and updates. Don't forget to check out his blog as well.

Richard Simcott

#1 Language Learning Tip:

"Learn SMART:

    Set weekly goals you can      realistically achieve

    Manage your time and plan study sessions 

   Actively think about the language every day

   Revise and repeat what you have done every day

   Test to see if you have met your goals and move on"


Khady loves to educate and inspire others to build their dreams. Follow her as she travels the world working remotely and speaking many languages.

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Khady Ndoye

#1 Language Learning Tip: "With language learning organization is key! The more you will get organized the better you will be able to go further in your target language. Learning a language is neither marathon nor sprint."

Lydia is a frequent presenter and a language mentor, and knows a lot about learning languages, as she speaks several! Follow her IG for continuous tips and learn her method.

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#1 Language Learning Tip: "Whatever methods you choose to learn a language, make sure it's fun for you. If it starts boring you after some time, change the methods. Keep going, the results will come later :)"

image of Merci Beaucoup and Alles Gute greeting cards

This IG features the cutest printed goods for people who love languages. This includes calendars, cards, bags, and more! You can find the owner of this IG in the Language Lovers podcast.

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Irregular Endings

#1 Language Learning Tip: "Always remember why you started! What made you say, 'I want to learn how to speak that language!'? Carve it into your memory and remind yourself of it whenever you feel like it's all too hard and you can't be bothered anymore. Learning a language isn't smooth sailing, but a good anchor will keep you stable when you need it!"

photo of Moses McCormick

RIP Moses.

He has posted great videos and was an important member of the polyglot community. Be sure to check out his FLR method and his youtube channel to keep his memory alive.

Moses McCormick

#1 Language Learning Tip: "If you're starting the language learning process as a beginner, try to learn the language/s from the beginning as natural as possible."

photo of Azren

Azren is a world traveler, learning 8 languages. He is a super cool guy who also offers free language classes. On his IG, he shares pro tips and tools. Also check out his story at


#1 Language Learning Tip: "Be consistent."

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Youtube Channels to Watch

photo of Lindie Botes

Lindie has so many great and helpful videos on her youtube channel. Her IG is also great. She provides innumerable practical tips and shows us exactly how she is learning 12 languages.

Lindie Botes

#1 Language Learning Tip: "Consistency is key. Rather do small bits each day than try to get a huge chunk done on a weekend, ignoring what you've learnt for the week to follow. Baby steps each day are more effective."

idahosa ness.png

The secret to my language learning success is my focus on “Learning by Ear.” My primary focus is on the sounds, how to hear them, and how to pronounce them. Once I master the sounds, I pick up new words and phrases by mimicking people in conversation.
The Mimic Method is my system for you to learn a language by ear.

#1 Language Learning Tip: "Find a song you love and learn how to sing it with a perfect accent "

photo of Lindsay Williams

Lindsay's youtube channel is stock full of great content. She has 9 Reasons videos expressing why you should learn these 28 different languages. There are also great Language Stories videos about endangered languages. Lindsay speaks several languages and also co-organizes the Women in Language conference.

Lindsay Does Languages

#1 Language Learning Tip: "Make language learning a regular habit and tie it to something else in your life. Learning a language doesn't have to mean sitting down for hours each day with your study books. If all you can fit in every single day is 5 minutes on Memrise while you're waiting for the kettle to boil or watching a YouTube video in your target language while you're brushing your teeth, that's fine! Once you've accepted that that still counts and that if that's all you're doing then your progress will be slower but still happening, then you're golden. Oh, and if you can find something you love to connect you that will do wonders for your motivation too!"

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photo of Shahidah, Language Bae

Shahidah, Language Bae, is a lover of languages and is always supporting her sisters in language learning with the Black Girls Learn Languages platform. Watch her inviting videos for effective tools and learning tips.

Language Bae

#1 Language Learning Tip: 

"One of my favorite quotes is by the great Confucius, “Better to be a diamond with a flaw, than a pebble without.” Do not be overly concerned with perfection in your ability to communicate in your target language, that you find yourself unable to communicate at all. It is better to be able to write and speak fluently with occasional mistakes, than to have no fluency, but be able to pronounce individual words perfectly."

Mari has several youtube playlists about finding the right study routine for learning a language on your own, while giving insights from her own experiences. She is so sweet to watch and very helpful.

Mari Polyglot

#1 Language Learning Tip: 

CREATE A PLAN. The most common mistake self-directed learners make is that they jump into learning without having any sort of direction. So they will jump from resource to resource without any idea or strategy. 

It can be intimidating to create a plan from scratch. So if you don't know where to start just ask someone who has learned the language before what was the most important thing they learned and start there.

The key with planning is to make it short term and to back it up with a lot of research. 

Methods come and go but my plan is always there.

Abigail polyglot progress.png

Polyglot Progress is a fun channel dedicated to learning languages. Matt and Abigail lead you through guides, tips, and language diaries. They also have some guests!

Polyglot Progress

#1 Language Learning Tip: 

"Don't be afraid to try different methods, change your approach, or do things others are not. Language learning is personal and has to be different for everyone and you don't need to exactly replicate the methods of anyone else, you know yourself better than anyone else, and you can find your own secrets to learning a new language!"

Podcasts to Listen to

John interviews polyglots from all backgrounds. Hear their proven strategies and improve your own methods.

#1 Language Learning Tip: "The most important principle for mastering a language is practicing your target skills directly. If you want to get better at speaking Japanese, for example, you have to actually speak Nihongo. A lot. If you want to get good at reading Chinese, you need to actually read authentic Chinese or Taiwanese books, blogs, social media, etc. So many learners waste their time on indirect, peripheral activities that feel like learning, but are in truth just busywork distractions that won’t lead to progress or mastery."

Under the Actual Fluency brand Kris has produced over 150 interviews with amazing language learners, polyglots, and industry professionals.

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#1 Language Learning Tip: "A little learning every day adds up, and is way more effective than cramming in big sessions every weekend."

photo of Kerstin Cable

Kerstin discusses all things learning languages with a variety of guests in such a fun and interesting way. Her awesome personality shines through in her approach to language-learning.

#1 Language Learning Tip: "Ultimately, languages are a long-term skill that you learn to enrich your life and the ongoing practice is the way that our lives will become richer and happier as a result of language learning."

photo of Penny and Bec working on podcast

Bec & Penny are so fun to listen to, especially with those Australian accents! They bring current events and daily activities into the language-learning conversation. Be sure to have a listen!

#1 Language Learning Tip: “Don’t be put off by what you hear from others - X language is really hard, you’re too old to learn a new language, why bother learning a language when they speak English in X... and so it goes on! Give it a go! You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain!”

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